$345,000 for this 3 bedroom stand alone suburban house rehab

The realtor told me  she can get $345,000 for it on Highland Abenue in Randolph, Ma.


For this?

Randolph has quality homes and macmansions but this one was built in a quick way.

Well folks, its a seller’s market with interest rates near zero at bank exchange levels,

The only way for industry to make the margins they were used to making 10 years ago is through boosting prices.

Because most listings are have been  computerized, the gatekeepers can easily influencecit makes ut cery easy pricing homes.

Now therexare 20s of yhousand of real estatexssles agents who passed the test. Thecacyion is handled 80/20.

Eighty percent of all reps do less volume than 20% I guessed, judging from for sale yard signs in tbe ground.

Soothsayers would have you believe its about rising apartment rents.
They want you to enjoy the going rate is a good deal.

Shame, shame!

Ah well we  don’t blame madame realtor for the mischief that causes these extraordinary price boosts.

The previous owner left a year ago.

Contractors did good rehab  work. on it. They donated bricks and stones they cleared from a dilapidated stone wall to neighbors who are landscape designers.

Highland Avenue in Randolph is a busy street. I’vexseen nk less than four ssles turnovef in a year.

This house sits facing traffic cortridor. It has a basic no frills wrapping front yard and a detached almost deluxe car garage.

The gut feel sbout the value here is $275,00 tops, not $345k.

Boo Madea!