4 things Boston limo companies do that don’t make sense

1) They add this language to their quotes:  “ The rate quote you receive + 20% required tip/gratuity, $5.25 Boston Harbor Tunnel fee (if to/from Logan), $3.50 Logan Airport fee (if pick up FROM Logan airport), and Mass Pike highway tolls (if applicable) are the ONLY FEES. THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES.”

2) Some won’t let their drivers accept tips in cash when the fare is a corporate account.

3)  Adding Waiting Fee Clauses to booking contracts that sound like this: 

FEE in order to receive service if you are (A) more than THIRTY (30) MINUTES LATE for your pickup from an airport, train station or bus station or (B) more than TEN (10) minutes late for your pickup from any other location. The waiting fee is: for Sedan or Town Car: $25 per 30 minute period; for Van or Stretch Limo: $50 per half-hour period that you are late.

If you are more than SIXTY (60) MINUTES LATE for your pickup, we reserve the right to CANCEL your pickup with NO REFUND. However, please attempt to contact us as we might be willing to continue waiting or give a partial refund in certain situations.

4) Cancellation Policies that work against you.  Life is unpredictable and this kind of language is a penalty to the buyer. Read on .. If you contact us to cancel between 24 hours and 7 days in advance, you will be refunded any amount paid minus a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is the greater of $25 or 25% of the quoted rate of the reservation.

So yes, these are 4 things Boston limo companies do that don’t make sense.

– @movef is on Twitter