5 Cozy South Boston condos hit market Oct 17th selling for less than $300,000.

BRA Income Restricted Homeownership Opportunity488 Dorchester Ave – South Boston, MA 02127

Download the Applications here

Maloney Properties and the Boston Redevelopment Authority are offering a Income Restricted Homeownership lottery for 4 condominiums located at 488 Dorchester Ave, South Boston, MA 02127.

The joint is right here. Its Nice!

Four condos, 1100min sq feet each, priced between $220,000 and $265,000. 

If your household income is in the range but below upperlimits descibed in the application you may download go for it.

One to Six person income households will have various upper limit restrictions.
That’s the way it works folks.

If you have a college degree Go For It. If you Don’t have a college degree GoForIt.