Airport taxi pool wait times at Boston Logan change

Taxi pool wait times are not long right now this Sunday Super Bowl 2014 morning at Boston Logan airport .

Maybe that’s because the game is being played South of here in New York?

Or it’s because a few hundred one percenters are taking private jets to the game from Boston and their $2,500 fares are covering the car service.

The airport ebbs and flows with irregular volumes of traffic. There are more passenger trips being flown out of Logan year after year than ever before so when you’re coming through during a slow part of the day, you win.

What people like is to hop off the plane, escape baggage claim, grab a car and go.

What they don’t like at the taxi pool lanes are huddles of anxious me-first people who push and shove to be first in line.

169 taxis are waiting in the airport taxi pool at 10:30 am today. Earlier, there were 155 cabs waiting.

Town car chauffeurs take these slow moments to walk around the LI waiting area, get out, stretch and chit chat with colleagues until they get your call.

Consider that over thirty million passengers flow thru Logan each year and it may don on you to a reserve a ride before you touch down.

Contact info@movef .com to reserve a pickup date and you won’t have to wait.