Back Bay business receipts go up during 2014 Marathon weekend

I went down there and couldn’t get past the police barades near the fire station and the Boylston street part that is closest to Massachusetts Avenue but that’s okay. I wasn’t headed to the Finish Line. I’ve been on it a million times when there are no crowds around.

Saturday afternoon, 40 hours before the Boston Marathon, Back Bay pedestrian traffic was brisks. Sidewalks were full of people. They were enjoying themselves. Its the first time I can remember seeing tourists and onlookers outnumbered students at the key intersections.

Most people were carrying bags with something they bought or picked up for free at the fitness expo at Hynes Convention Center. If I had to guess, I’d say that 80% of everyone I saw were wearing new sneakers and taking tons of digital camera and cell phone photos. Let’s see, that would be more revenue on RAM and more rubber for the sneaker covered roads.

I’m glad to see Back Bay business spring back to life. Many restaurants and stores sold out of food and merchandise. That pasta was selling well.

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