Boston now has one-way ZipCar rentals.

ZipCar cars help people who need temporary access to cars for less than a 24 hour period. They’re popular with people who have something to do, need a car and will drive themselves and return it by end of day.  The cars are parked all over the city at convenient  parking lots.

ZipCars differ from rental car contracts.

ZipCar users pay an annual membership charge plus a rate per h0ur to use the car. Now, the ZipCar company is introducing one-way rentals – its first service of this kind in Boston, MA.


Boston has 100,000 Zipcar members according to the company. As a way to stay ahead of Uber, ZipCar is now offering the One Way rental service car-sharing option. Zipcar’s one-way cars are about $6 per half hour, according to Zipcar’s website.