Black Boston souvenirs honor Afro-American infuences.  

Visit the Black Boston online souvenir store for unique 1638 brand items- view store catalog.  Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts in the year 1620. The charter for the City of Boston was signed in 1630. Harvard University was founded in 1635. The first Africans arrived in Boston in 1638 as enslaved servants. Boston Afro-American history is full of details. Learn more at the store.

Black Boston Souvenirs
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Boston, MA – it was 1770 on the eve of the American Revoluton, and Africans and African Americans were a significant part of the population in the colonies of British North America.

Our symbolic BLACK BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS FOUNDED 1638 lettered shirts sparkle with shiny gold highlights placed on premium brand fabric.

The Gold and Black colors recognize the wealth Black slaves contributed to the United States in the 18th and 19th century because without them, the US would not be the economic & political power it is today.

Black Bostonians landed here in 1638.