Boston weathers winter to see the first day of Spring 2014.

South Boston, 12:00 noon – The Broadway T stop Starbucks is filling up fast.  Many women roll swiftly by pushing baby carriages past younger females  who got their seats first.  There is a row of them behind their white lighted logo lit Apple MacBooks on WIFI.   Now the line starts to grow at the coffee counter.

I order the egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with a croissant and coffee-black on the side. Lucky there’s a seat by the door.  Wanted to get a Boston Globe newspaper but they had sold out.  Thirty minutes later, the cafe was near empty except for the same 5 females sitting behind their MacBooks looking busy and wishing they weren’t.   

All the baby carraiges had left the building. One Boston Globe was sitting there again on the rack so I picked it up and bought it. Told the cashier it was used an she said “that’s okay, it’s $1.25” … holding her hand out for it. I said “I didn’t know you could read the paper here then put it back on the sale rack.” I could tell it was used because the Metro section was out of order. She said . “yeah, people do it all the time … they read it and put-em back..’ I got it and left.

Outside it warmer than yesterday. A cool breeze dampens the heat.  There are no green plants, no gardens or flowers to look at right now in the area.  You’re at the the gateway to South Boston – aka Broadway Station where you can see the south side of downtown skyscraper view.

– forward 2014