Car Service Quote – Harborside Drive to Boston College – back to Logan Airport

Here’s what movef concierge can do.

Can Uber beat this advice? I think not!

This quote beats boston taxi cab rates.

Passenger needed a transfer pickup from Harborside Drive for a drop at Boston College in Chestnut Hill by 8am. Then at 6pm the passenger returns to Logan Airport to catch the flight number provided.

Its 22 miles each way and travel time varies with traffic patterns.

If it were a Boston taxi you’re talking 22 x $5.40 per mile or well over $100 each way.

movef concierge quoted to arrange a booking for $150 for the complete round trip package using Lincoln Style town cars figuring about 70 minutes max both ways.

What’s your take on this quote?

As we often do — we suggested the cheapest way to do it possible is by GreenLine Train, then bus over to Logan from Back Bay or South Station. That DIY route is less than $15 bucks. The only constraint in taking public transportation is time and schedule but you can get a lot done on a train or bus ride.

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