Charlestown, the oldest Boston neighborhood is having a July rental apartment lottery for people making at least $20,650 a year.

Originally Posted in July 2016.  Lottery Apartment deals open and close all the time. This deal may no longer be available but others are. Best thing to do is locate and address where a lottery is going on using our list and call – ask for Affordable Apartment Lottery paperwork.

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Okay (very native) Bostonians. You know where you came from. Charlestown!!

Charlestown is the oldest Boston neighborhood. Africans been community building in Boston since 1638 but I don’t know where they started it. It’s under discovery.

The Boston London Puritans rode the Mayflower over, had babies, and exponentially seeded ancestral lines.

The Bushes came from one of the sailors who had a baby at sea while enroute. He had 10 kids in 1620. The Bush family are descendants. It was a time when New Englnd land was free.

HOMEGOING is a  great book!  No it is not about the Pilgrims and the Bushes but if you  read it, you may learn some things your ancestors may not have told you.

Win this apartment  lottery and you’ll live in Charlestown paying an affordable, reasonable rate we think.

Here is who pre-qualified a:

Note: This lottery is ONLY FOR APPLICANTS WHO MAKE MORE THAN 30% AMI but less than 50%! 1BR, 2BR, or 3BR.

– 1 person household must make more than $20,650 but less than $34,350.

– 2 person household must make more than $23,600 but less than $39,250.

– 3 person household must make more than $26,550 but less than $44,150.

You’ll be able to file an application for these units starting July 8th and they must be returned by July 11th to the property manager.

Who is the property manager? — we will tell you as soon as the official application is available for the public.
By the way,this will be the fastest turnaround requirement for an apartment lottery we have ever seen!!!