Day use hotels give a full day in the cheap.

Day use hotels in Boston are a clubby bunch with an amazing social conscience heart. We tell you what it cost for the rooms. Read on …

Day use Boston hotels are in the brights lights of professional managers who will not put up with illegal activity. Most of the guests are student travel groups, international explorers, touring artists, and young professionals who seek safe environments. If you were thinking about having a quickie in one of these places, you probably will get busted.

Boston built day use hotels give you a full day at a cheaper room rate than a downtown hotel charges even though they are located downtown where expensive hotels are.

The fact is they don’t call refer to themselves as a day use joint. We call them a Guest House or the Hostel.

$125.00 is the April 6th 2018 overnight room rate being quoted by 463 Beacon Street Guesthouse. See for yourself.

The Marathon is held April 16th. AirBnB renters flood the city. Hotels all over are booked in advance so vacancy at that price is a steal.

During the off peak months, rooms go for as little as $45/night