Downtown Boston is getting the largest workforce affordable apartment  building.

Location-Bulfinch Triangle

Related Beal is constructing a 239-unit apartment complex. its going to be one of the largest entirely affordable and work-force residential projects.  You’ll notice that work force apartment style buildings tend to always have surface parking and few if any spaces because developers save money when there is no garage. They’ll  have security, an on-site café, possibly a dry cleaning service, fitness center, and a convenience on the premises. I imagine the actual floor plans are a bit like a college dorm, except perhaps smaller. When larger, more expensive luxury apartment units hit the market neat the workforce buildings, prices tend to go down on the smaller units as we have seen recently in the Seaport district. And that’s a very good thing.

Barring any unforeseen problems, the new West End building will began taking applications from renters by the first of 2016. A large hotel and street level retail space is also part of the address.