East Boston condo on Porter Street for sale $378k 2ba,2br.

The photo shows Brookline Village under development. There is development all over Boston. Here in East Boston on Porter Street, at  156 Porter Street #312 to be exact, this 2BR units sells for  $378,274.

See pics and details click.  This deal was Income Restricted,


This is a resale, not a lottery.
Price: $378,274
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Square Feet: 1,018

The number or persons in each household below must be below the income level listed in order to qualify to buy this unit. When you see this attached to a for sale unit, then its under restricted price control by in this case, the BRA BDPA.

BRA Income Limits – 120% AMI:
1 person Household $82,450
2 person Household $94,200
3 person Household $105,950
4 person Household $117,750
5 person Household $127,150
6 person  Household $136,000

BRA Asset Limit: $100,000 Does not include retirement.
Maloney Properties, Inc.
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