Eden Properties with a 138 unit Brighton building prefers bike riding renting tenants.

Breaker breaker.

If you prefer bikes over cars and if you prefer renting a home over owning ( I don’t) then one of the 138 units at Eden Properties in nostalgic Brighton  Center is yours for the asking.

The location is a hop, skip and jump from Allston Village, Brookline and Harvard Sq.

So, hint hint- its going to be pricey and it ain’t even built yet.

At some point in the news cycle about new developments like this,  it will open up to renter applications after a management team is setup.

That’s probably going to happen this year.
If you want the name of who to call to rent there, we will have it eventually.
Full story: http://m.boston.curbed.com/archives/2015/06/boston-apartments-parking.php

But the car minus thing is nothing new right. If you say you don’t own  a car but you do, you can still drive it, you just can’t park it there!!!!

What are these people thinking?