FBI raids #1 Boston Cab industry shop. Medallion prices set to go down.

The price of a Boston Taxi Cab medallion license is probably not going to rise much more.  Today, a Boston taxi cab medallion  cost more than a house because the troubled police department hackney division policies have historically limited the number of licensed cab operators.

But all this may change because of firms like LYFT, UBER and others offering serious  competition in the city.  In fact, Boston Globe opinion page writers want the city’s hackney division abolished and replaced by a different type of consumer-facing agency.

Meanwhile the FBI raided Boston Cab and left with boxes of papers and material they had warrants to check out complaints.

On the one hand, Boston taxi cab operators are driving some of the greenest, cleanest taxi cabs they have ever put on the road. And on the other, the former head of the licensing division has been removed from a position held for more than 20 years and people are trying to figure out how to do it better.

That’s it for morning cab news folks.

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