Hey Frank. Jane there? I ain’t taking Frank’s Taxi Cab of Randolph no more.

There’s a super-Walmart just outside Randolph in the Town of Avon and they sell everything in there except automobiles. From Randolph’s Crawford Square, Frank’s Taxi Cab of Randolph would charge $4 for the first mile and $3 for each mile thereafter in his metered rate taxi cabs. Those are not his prices, the Town of Randolph set them for him.

But Uber would only cost $9-$11.0 in an Uberx vehicle. Actually, Frank’s Taxi Cab would really be expensive because they charge $6 from the same spot to Not Your Average Joe’s and that Walmart store is miles beyond the restaurant.

I ain’t taking Frank’s Taxi cab of Randolph no more.

    Boston Taxi Cab Drivers receive 25% less revenue volume due to Uber

Its not Uber that controls how people are going to spend their money. And thank goodness, this time its not the government. Consumers decide. They always do. They are always right. And recently, consumers gave 25% of all the millions and millions of dollars paid for ground transportation in the City of Boston to Uber.

Say what? I said Boston taxi cab medallion owns and drivers lost $65 million in revenue for a quarter to Uber cars, that’s what I said. And They Paid Themselves because UBER has close to 10,000 independent drivers in the City of Boston and those drivers are people who used to pay taxis, take a bus, or drive themselves around. Now they making money on their neighbors.