Hotel courtesy vans have this thing about space.

hotel courtesy van
hotel courtesy vans

Here’s one not  waiting at the hotel for you to come out.  Its out for air at the moment. This hotel-to- airport-courtesy-van was seen stopping in  a public transportation drop-off zone near  UMASS Boston. It  is quite a distance from your hotel lobby.  I’m going to stand  on the side of the driver and suggest this time, the driver was not out of place.  This time the driver used their  smarts to service a client.  This time the driver saved somebody a headache because you can certainly beat road traffic when you know your way around public transportation lines when congestion on the road is at a peak.

What bothers me about hotel courtesy vans is that they don’t have all that much space. Nevermind how much extra it may cost.   These vans can run out of room when picking up a single group of travelers from the same company  staying at the same hotel.  You cannot depend on them entirely.   When you’re ready to go,  a packed hotel courtesy van can be a problem.

You can safely assume a pre-arranged vehicle will be  outside the door when you need it. Hotel-to-airport courtesy vans come and go unpredictably,  like the wind.

You’re better off making your own appointment.