Hubway delivers healthy transportation in the Boston area.

Hubway is here.

Grab a bicycles parked in the Back Bay, South Station or at dozens of pickup locations  and ride over to Cambridge, Brookline or Somerville and park it there.

Boston partnered with sneaker maker New Balance to invest in placing hundreds of hi-quality bicycles near intersections and public transportation hubs.

Hubway bikes are available in Boston, Brookline,  Cambridge and Somerville. The system relies on technology and GPS tracking devices to keep up with where the bikes are and you see where to get one with a smartphone app.

Hubway bike-sharing subscription charges are  $6 for a 24-hour pass, $12 for 72 hours, $20 for a month of use and $85 for a year.  You must register before you ride.  Once you’re in the system, you can buy 24-hour and 72-hour passes at Hubway bike pickup station that are equipped to dispense a key to unlock the bike from the rack. You’ll be charged a refundable security deposit of $101 for a short term plan.

Keys are mailed out to monthly and annual members within  7-10 days of sign-up.  Don’t expect to take a bike out and ride all day long. Hubway is designed for short trips lasting 30 minutes or overtime charges of $2 per 31-60 minutes extra will kick in.


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