Prominent Asian real estate investor buys 2.2 acre property near Red Line and DotBlock parcel.

He’s a billionaire and Hong Kong resident. His real estate firm Morningside Investments acquired millions of dollars in Harvard Square real estate. He has donated $350 million to Harvard University before some 60 Asian student groups on the campus filed a law suit against Harvard for not admitting enough from the Asian applicant pool.

Morningside dropped $5.25 million on a large two-acre property off Dorchester Avenue in Savin Hill.

That’s Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s hometown neighborhood where he lives today.

Pundits believe Morningside’s investment will morph into a new block of homes and retail stores. In the area, builders plan to erect hundreds of homes near Ashmont Station, Savin Hill, the JFK/UMass Red Line Station, and the South Bay Shopping Center. The owner said “you buy it, you rent it, you put it out of your mind.”