Ride-Share drivers do it to make a car payment.

Boston is one of several  major cities being infected by LYFT and SideCar enthusiasts. The LFYT ride-sharing service has a ping list of about 100 Boston area drivers and few are commercially licensed.

The ride-sharing business almost bears no common ties to LIVERY and the business models are entirely different.

Personally, I think a car-share fare is a dangerous  investment for professionals, tourists, children and out-of-town guests but ONCE you live here and have gotten to know your way around, then if you are the type that will board a crosstown city bus, then a LFYT ride will satisfy you and Save Money over the Taxi Rate.

That’s because the drivers  offer short rides to the laundromat or where ever you might be going.

I saw a LFYT driver pickup a passenger on Massachusetts Avenue between Harvard and Central Square yesterday.

It was interesting watching how both passenger and driver struggled to fit a wide pet cage into the back seat area of a shiny red car that wasn’t much bigger than the oversized driver at the wheel.

Pink Curvy Mustache fabric covered the car’s front  grill so you knew it was  the LYFT brand handling this pickup.

“Ride-sharing also seems to draw certain types of drivers — creative types looking for extra cash, or people between jobs … “says the Boston Globe.

The author of that article titled A post-taxi population opts for ride-sharing, (Boston Globe, July 21,02013)  wrote this about a driver — she drives at least 10 hours a week and earns enough to cover her $250 car payment, gas, and insurance.

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