Taxi cabs and town car concierge still rules Boston market.

Cab drivers have had it better before with less competition but they don’t have it as hard as they say. The Governor’s office is proposing first of its kind regulations for Uber and Lyft ride-sharing operators and the taxi industry wants even more to be done. Cambridge officials even suggested making Uber pickups begin at $50 in the city.

Most ground transportation calls occur on-the-fly. A reader emailed us for car service to come to Hyde Park Ma for a transfer with four people to a restaurant in Copley Square for. We referred it as a perfect assignment for a taxi cab. At 12 miles for the route, its a $60 ( $5.40 per mile x 12 miles) straight shot down the road.

Some private town car providers can handle it if arrangements are booked at least 24 hours in advance but they make their money on fares beginning near their parking places in Center Boston or the airport. Town cars don’t mind going 20 miles in to pickup and return a 12 mile turnaround if where they end up is near their next piece of business but they would prefer not because its a stretch.

There are many taxi cabs in parts of the city at any time. More than likely there will be one to dispatch to Hype Park that is already in position just a few miles away.

There are rarely more than 200 taxi cabs in the airport taxi pools at any one given time except when more line up to carry holiday and college graduation traffic peaks.

Uber drivers would be cost disadvantaged to travel out to Hyde Park, turnaround, and head back to Center Boston.

Studies are indicating that a vast majority of transportation orders are cross town request
for with one passenger riding. The Taxi Cab Hail is a very effective strategy when you can trust it.

Town cars advance scheduled reservations offer flexible peace of mind at fixed, no-surprise rates. Town cars can go anywhere a taxi cab can’t due to hackney restriction on where fares can be picked up. And movef concierge referred town cars are your best bet for round-trip considerations.

Uber surge pricing can be a problem.